Since 1989 ESDi Higher School of Design, centre attached to Universitat Ramon Llull (URL), is engaged to people who dare to redesign the world, and design and build its future. Its mission is to transmit art and design knowledge by a creative process governed by analysis, effort and talent.

In 1992, ESDi becomes the first centre in Spanish State in teaching Design university studies, awarding the own Degree of Universitat Ramon Llull: “Official Undergraduate Degree in Design”. Following the same line, in 2000 the academic fusion with Escola d’Arts i Tècniques de la Moda (EATM) of Barcelona is signed, strengthening in this way both textile and fashion speciality and the rest of the taught studies.

Since the academic year 2008-2009, ESDi teaches Official Undergraduate Degree in Design as a centre attached to Universitat Ramon Llull, following the guidelines settled by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). This is a very important fact that will enable the designer, once graduated, to gain admittance to master’s degree or national and international world of work under the same conditions of the rest of Official Degrees.

In this way, ESDi-URL has become the first Spanish university in offering Official Undergraduate Degree in Design in all its disciplines: Graphic, Product, Interior, Fashion, Audiovisual and Design Management (Multidisciplinary Integration). Offering a total of 140 seats. Also the centre has been pioneer in teaching design third year studies, specifically teaching an Official Master’s Degree which opens the access doors to Design doctorate.

ESDi structures its educational activity in different Educational Units and Knowledge Development (UDDC) and in Experimentation and Application Units (UEA). The centre combines teaching, knowledge transfer and research diffusion. Since 2012 the centre has a research group approved by Universitat Ramon Llull (URL): TADD, Theory, Analysis and Development of Design.

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Universitat Ramon Llull
Universitat Ramon Llull (URL) is one of the most innovative and pioneer universities of Spanish State, and the first Spanish private university. Its structure is composed of 7 schools, 5 higher schools and 3 university institutes. ESDi is a centre attached to URL since 2009.