ESDi Investigation

ESDI organization

FUNDIT organises its activity in accordance with knowledge nodes working symbiotically in a network en red with responsibility and autonomy. Nodes form three big activity areas:

  • ESDi: Higher School of Design attached to URL and activity nuclear body that develops university training of official degree and postgraduate studies, and research and experimentation in art and design fields.


  • Corporate development: in charge of tasks associated with students’ admission, interuniversity relationships and accompaniment of graduates at the beginning and professional activity development, activities relating to design and digital art/design communication and promotion. Also in charge of all support tasks to entrepreneurship and quality assurance.


  • EATM-luEATM: centre located in Barcelona in charge of postgraduate studies, continuous training and culture dissemination in design and art field activities. Also in charge of personal and corporate image consulting, trends and style training.

ESDi has a research group approved by Ramon Llull University (URL). Is about TADD, Design Theory, Analysis and Development, and has the objective of establishing the favourable scenario for research in design field, establishing an academic and social discussion around this subject. Research group is composed of 7 doctors and 10 graduates and also has the active role of 8 pre-doctoral scholars who develop their activity in different Teaching and Knowledge Development Units (UDDC) and Experimentation and Application Units (UEA) in ESDi.